Frequently Asked Questions

What does Salim aim to achieve by exposing Agakhan?

To stop the systematic desecration of Islam and financial abuse of the poor

What evidence of wrongdoing has he got?

1) Devotional literature approved by Agakhan depicting him as God
2) Video footage of money collected from the poor delivered to Agakhan for personal pleasure.

Is’nt Agakhan working for the poor and the marginalised via AKDN?

No. AKDN is a network of for profit agencies. It sells goods and services in the third world.

Has Salim requested Agakhan to face the allegations of wrongdoing?


Did Agakhan respond?

Yes but to intimidate rather than respond

Are Agakhan’s murids welcome on Salim’s channel to express themselves?

Yes. Channel is open for one and all.

How can I help the cause?

You can visit our website and register as volunteer or donate

Can I share my experiences on Salim’s Channel on an anonymous basis?

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